Sea Stories Collection

My long-term dream is for Beach Hut 123 to become a repository for thousands of sea stories, both in the real world and here on the website. I would love to see the hut bursting at its seams with history, humans, tales of sea voyages,  exploration, conservation stories, memories and ideas.

For Coastal Currents 2018, I am starting to collect stories from the sea. If you have story to tell, please share it here. If you think you may have a story to tell, but aren’t sure how to tell it or where to start, drop me a line and we can meet up at the beach hut for a cup of tea and a chat. If you live a hundred miles away, we can meet up virtually for the same.

I’m investigating ways of allowing you to upload images as well as words, but for now, if you have any visual work you’d like to share, please send it direct to the Beach Hut 123 email address. Similarly, if you’d like to discuss the possibility of turing your story into a short film or audio piece, get in touch.